Hot Summer

Hi everyone. I have to say it has been a bit warmer here in Dallas TX then I wanted it to be this summer. We have now gone over 100 at least the last two weeks. Not that this isn’t normal cause it is. I was hoping our rain cycle would continue from that last 7 years but I guess it is our time to have our multi year drought we had before 2015. I hope that everyone has been staying healthy.

As far as writing is concerned I have not been as diligent and on task as I should. Having trouble with the finish of my second novel “Stumphouse Mountain”. I am finding it more and more difficult to stay at home and write. It was much easier at our library or coffee shop. In an effort to force an ending to my story I am finding that I just can’t write anything I really want it to flow and bring focus so the reader feels they are a part of the story. At least that was what I liked about the novels I picked up growing up and at home now. If I can get a handle on the finish the first draft will be done and I will be able to rewrite a lot quicker than now. I also have several other outlines and story starts ready to write and I will probably start the third novel as I am rewriting the second, I really like the new story.

Good luck ro those writing and keep up the blogs and tweets I am loving to read. Stay successful and novel.

Love you all,


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