TD Walress intro blog sessions

Good day. Thank you for visiting my website and reading my first blog. Since this is the first of many I will write I would like to tell you a little more about how I started this novel and what my professional life entailed. I am not sure how many of you get your ideas from dreams but I dream very vividly. This novel started from a dream I had on October 16, 2016. I woke up and wrote down what I could remember from the dream and the next day started outlining what could be an actual story. I then spent the next 3 and half years writing the novel at a familiar coffee shop four or five days a week and another 2 years of editing and getting it published. The story was written for 4th or 5th grade, middle school and 9th, 10th as the main characters are in this age range. My background includes teaching, coaching, and administration in this age range of students. I have worked with all age levels of students and helped develop many programs for school districts in four states. Throughout my career my passion has always been to develop my students imaginations, personal growth and their ability to think independently, and make correct choices on their own with guidance from their parents and other important adults in their lives. For those of you who are just starting your writing career I commend you for the time, research and editing you will endeavor. But, all of it is worth it. I must say for this novel it has been a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed writing the story. But I will let you know the most important element of the process is the editing. You must find the right editor and let them have total autonomy with the editing process. My editor was the best and I never rushed the process. I would like to stop my blog today and again thank you for taking your time to read it. Please tell me what your thoughts of the blog are and what you would like to hear more about in some future blogs. Respectfully, TD Walress

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